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We feel building connections, sharing ideas and celebrating success is especially important today. Virtual program offers definitive opportunity to engage, hear from highly respected professionals and celebrate achievements safely with ease from anywhere in the world.

As always, we value your participation. VIP registration gives access to 2-days of virtual meetings, awards ceremony and the winner trophy. Better yet, the rates are 55% less plus you save time and expenses of travel, board, etc.!

i-SELECT (Levels of Registration)
NET RATES (Payable to Global M&A Network)

Affordable Rates to Engage, Connect, Celebrate.

VIP Single Rate (1 participant)

VIP Firm Discount Group Rate (3+ participants)

General Forum Rate Only (1 participant)


$1,200 per person (Full access + Trophy includes shipping, tax.)

$750 per person (Full access + Trophy includes shipping, tax.)

$500 (Access to 3-days. NO award benefits.)

Participant Information:

Log-In: Information provided once registration is secured by payment. Q: Kindly Contact: Raj Kashyap (USA): +914.886.3085.

M&A Atlas Awards: As always, winners must register at the VIP rate and only registered firms are awarded their winner materials, trophy, etc.

Deadline to register is October 23, 2020 so we can ship the trophy in advance for your requisite participation at the virtual ceremony. Firms winning multiple deal awards (2 or more), must register the deal-team leader and/or members who worked on the award-winning deals to be part of winner circle. Nominee – winners have read and agree to awards policies. Click for Policies.

Disclosure: Global M&A Network reserves the right to refuse registration deemed to be incompatible. Priority given to the winners, forum sponsors and their guests. External video/audio recording is explicitly prohibited.