Forum Overview

Women Leaders & Dealmakers Intelligence Inaugural Forum brings together influential leaders, professionals, and dealmakers from the corporate, institutional investor, private equity, venture capital, and transactional communities to take stock of business-building activities and ask tough questions. Significantly, the forum is designed to explore strategy + solutions on how to translate smart business ideas into real results in today’s changing, diverse, inclusive, and increasingly competitive markets.

Foremost, the timely business meeting is created for robust discussion on different types of approaches taken by accomplished women, changing organization structures, and ultimately, how to lead and succeed in a competitive marketplace.

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Women Leadership Atlas Awards | Inaugural Red Carper Gala Dinner.

Women Leadership Atlas Awards is part of the world’s most prestigious M&A Atlas Awards global brand; and singularly honors legendary and visionary women leaders and dealmakers from the corporate, institutional investing, private equity, venture capital, investment bank, legal, restructuring and transactional communities. Award recipients are honored at the gala ceremony celebrations.

i-Nominate Download Forms: Women Leadership Atlas Awards Deadline to Nominate is February 26, 2019.

Top 100 Women Dealmakers | Inaugural Red Carper Gala Dinner.

A-list of world’s most talented, innovative, accomplished, and brilliant women dealmakers from the corporate, private equity, venture capital, restructuring, investment bank, legal and services segments. Top 100 Women Dealmakers achievements are recognized at the privately hosted inaugural gala and dinner ceremony held in conjunction with Women Leadership Atlas Awards.

i-Recommend Download Forms: Top 100 Women Dealmakers Deadline to Nominate is February 26, 2019.