Americas M&A Atlas Awards │ 11th Annual

Welcome to the world’s most prestigious industry awards. The independently governed Americas awards singularly honors best value-creating deals, outstanding firms, top dealmakers and legendary leaders from the North and South Americas corporate, alternative investor and transactional communities for successfully closing deals.

Prestige: Equates to achieving the “Gold Standard of Performance” standing in the industry, validating excellence, and preeminent status in the local and global markets since the winners are selected on “deals criteria”, firm expertise and team leadership merits.

11th Winners Gala & Dinner Celebrations: Winners are officially announced and honored at the private networking gala – a gathering of successful, brilliant and respected leaders, professionals and dealmakers.

Host Global M&A Network: Questions, kindly contact us, and we look forward to honoring your firm + teams’ achievements.

M&A Atlas Awards Policies: GM&AN verifies the accuracy of awards-related info. Winners evaluated independent of any involvement by the nominees or winners. Global M&A Network, its, officers, directors, members, employees and partners (together “GM&AN Parties”), expressly disclaim any warranties or guaranties, express or implied, relating to any award issued to a third party, and GM&AN Parties will not be liable for damages of any kind, in connection with any such awards. See details on “Policies” including as it pertains to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Advertising Compliance Matters, click here.