A Timely & Essential Virtual Forum

Business activity has changed due to Covid-19, requiring our collective ideas on how to adapt and lead. 13th Annual forum and the awards ceremonies are held virtually once again given the uncertainty of the pandemic’s new variant and due to abundant of caution for everyone’s safety. Join highly respected executives to connect and exchange ideas on productive solutions that are ever-so important today.

Accessible from Anywhere: Enormous saving of your time and costs since the virtual meeting is free from travel related expenses of in-person meeting. Plus, the registration fee is 60% less compared to in-person gathering. Your sponsor support or VIP registration gives you access to the entirety of the forum and awards – giving you a fantastic opportunity to engage, listen and celebrate your success.

i-Participate: Contact: Raj Kashyap, T: + 914.886.3085 for additional info, to advise, sponsor-host, speak, connect to build profitable relations, and celebrate with influential leaders and professionals from the industry.

Americas M&A Atlas Awards ● 13th Annual A Virtual Ceremony

Gold Standard of Performance, the world’s most prestigious awards honor the best deals, firms, dealmakers, and leaders from transactional communities in a virtual ceremony including the industry’s most prized trophy. We encourage you to confidently submit nominations, join in the tradition of excellence, and celebrate your success.

Americas Rising Dealmakers ● 4th Annual A Virtual Ceremony & Editorial

Recognizes brilliant young dealmakers singularly from the Americas private equity, growth investor, restructuring and M&A communities for their talent for closing value-creating transactions. As before, winners must register this year for the 2-day virtual forum and participate on at the ceremony as a winner of the “gold star trophy”.

Meet the 2019 Winners.