The M&A Atlas, Turnaround Atlas, Women Leadership Atlas Awards Policies

Singularity: Transactions can only win at one of the Atlas Awards Galas, i.e. we do not churn a deal to win at multiple awards programs. Relevant precisely because the win is an exceptional recognition!

Awards Gala: Nominees-winners must attend the gala ceremony to be recognized and accept their treasured winner trophy. Prior confirmation is required for the industry’s most exclusive networking gala celebrations.

Treasured Trophy: Collectible trophies are made of high-quality crystal and engraved. Only firms who have accepted their prized trophy at the gala are eligible to buy additional trophies for their colleagues or clients. To buy trophies, contact us. (See trophy presentation policy below.)

Confidentiality: Global M&A Network (GM&AN) does not disclose information submitted including actual deal size per nomination forms to any external parties. GM&AN reserves the right to promote the winners online, news releases, related marketing materials, etc.

Trophy Presentation Policy:

Leadership & Dealmaker Professional Awards: Recipients must attend the gala-ceremony to personally accept their engraved trophy.

Outstanding Firm Awards: Firm representatives can accept the coveted winner trophy on behalf of their organization.

Deal/Transaction Awards: It is the transaction that wins, and dealmaker advisor from a firm attending the gala is awarded their winner trophy. Since deals have many advisors, following is trophy presentation policy: (1) Nominees gain advantage. If you are a nominee per winning deal, then you are honored at the gala ceremony; followed by, (2) Acquirers – corporate or investor firm; followed by, (3) Primary financial, legal, etc. advisors to the buyer (debtor for turnaround awards); followed by, (4) Primary financial, legal, etc. advisors to the to the seller (creditor committee, equity holder for turnaround awards); followed by, (5) Secondary and relevant transaction advisors. Advisory Firms’ that are part of many award-winning deals must confirm deal-team leader/member who worked on the winning transaction to accept their deal winner trophy. For exceptions, contact us.

Each firm must register their team members for the networking gala to accept their firm, deals or professional accolade. Firms cannot accept award for another firm. GM&AN does not ship or sell trophies including to registered firm who may regrettably miss the gala – hence be sure to confirm multiple guests from your firm for the networking gala celebrations.

SEC Rules and Disclaimer:

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ‘Touting Initiative’ Rules: Global M&A Network (GM&AN) takes SEC Rules seriously. While we aim to satisfy such standards, winners should know – (1) Upon request, GM&AN will promptly provides relevant criteria/description for winners to proudly accept and publicize their accolades. (2) Survey/ranking Rules do not apply since it is not part of the criteria. (3) There are no fees to nominate, hence no influence on “winner” result. (4) Participation at the events, and related delegate registration fees for the forum and/or gala has no effect on winner selection process or outcomes. Participating firms’ have zero input on how the winners are selected results.

Advertising & Promotional Disclosure: (1) GM&AN vets all related information to evaluate for accuracy, thereby avoiding misrepresentation, or false claims. Unverified or incomplete information leads to disqualification. In fact, Global M&A Network awards program is highly regarded for its accuracy. (2) GM&AN awards are conducted annually per respective programs, and the same deal cannot be churned to win at multiple awards. (3) Winning the award does not equate to recommendation made by GM&AN.

Disclaimer: Global M&A Network, its, officers, members, employees and partners (together, the “GM&AN Parties”), expressly disclaim any warranties or guaranties, express or implied, relating to any award issued to a third party. Further, GM&AN Parties will not be liable for damages of any kind, in connection with the award.