i-Register Information.

We welcome your participation at the forum meeting and honoring your achievements at the awards gala. The VIP rate gives you access to day-long forum (breakfast, lunch, etc.); evening networking gala celebration (cocktails, dinner, awards ceremony, materials – photos, logo’s) inclusive of taxes. Rate does not include your personal travel, hotel, etc., expenses related for participating at the event.

Dinner Seating: Preference and priority given to award winning firms with reserved Corporate Table of 10 guests; and sponsors per their allocated benefits. Space is limited and secured on first come basis.

Winner Alert: Winners of prestigious awards are officially announced and honored at the gala. Firms must register for the gala dinner to accept their trophy during the ceremony. Firm’s winning multiple transaction awards must register deal team members who worked on the transaction to accept their winner trophy at the ceremony. Nominee and winners have read and agree to the trophy presentation and awards policies. If you have questions, contact us directly.

i-SELECT (Levels of Registration)
NET RATES (Payable to Global M&A Network)

Single VIP Rate


Group Discount Rates

VIP Colleagues (2 Guests from Same Firm)

VIP Business Rate (5 Guests from Same Firm)

VIP Premium Corporate Table (10 Guests from Same Firm)


$2,000 ($1000 per person.)

$4,500 (economical per person rate at $900 per person)

$6,500 (best per person rate at $650 per person)

Q: Kindly Contact: Raj Kashyap (USA): +914.886.3085.
Venue: Metropolitan Club: One East Sixtieth Street, New York, NY 10022-1054. T (212) 838-7400.
Attire & Check In: Business formal, and neck-tie is required. Must have business card to check in.
Awards Acceptance Remarks: As a winner, be prepared to deliver short jubilant remarks on the deal, team, firm, etc. Do not make remarks about your non-involvement in the deal since this reflects poorly on the organization you are representing.

Global M&A Network reserves the right to refuse any registration from any organization or individual deemed to be incompatible with the event. Priority is given to forum participants, award winners and their invited guests. The networking gala gathering is closed to external media/press and video/audio recording is explicitly prohibited within the venue.