The 8th annual AMERICAS M&A ATLAS AWARDS is part of the “Gold Standard of Performance” global brand, honoring the best value and growth generating deals, sought-after dealmaker teams and outstanding firms from the North and South American mid-market communities.

Prestige of the award emanates from the integrity and methodology of the winner selection process. Since inception, the winners are judged by point-indexed method based on merits of the transaction. Moreover, selection is independent of any involvement by industry associations, vendors or professionals to insure a 100% conflict-free process.

We encourage you to engage in the tradition of excellence, nominate, and celebrate your achievements.
Kindly contact us if you have questions and we welcome your participation.

The M&A Atlas Awards, Global M&A Network Team.

Winners are officially announced and honored at the industry-exclusive awards gala – a gathering of who’s, who from the industry. Nominees, winners and awards recipients must attend the gala to accept the industry’s most “elegant and prized” winner’s trophy.

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Deal size must be above 5 million and below a billion USD, any sector, anywhere from North and South Americas.

Deals must be closed any time between August 1, 2015 – July 30, 2016.

Nomination forms must be fully completed to be eligible.

Corporate Growth Leadership Achievement Award ®
Private Equity Growth Leadership Achievement Award ®
M&A Lifetime Achievement Award

Deal of the Year Corporate Deal of the Year
Cross-Border Deal of the Year Private Equity Deal of the Year
Canada Deal of the Year Brazil Deal of the Year
Mexico Deal of the Year Caribbean Deal of the Year
U.S.A Deal of the Year
Basic Resources Healthcare
Consumer/Retail Industrial
Energy & Services Technology & Telecom
Entertainment & Media Power, Utilities, Infrastructure
Food & Beverage Real Estate
FIRM AWARDS (South and North American categories as noted.)
North and South Americas Private Equity Firm Boutique M&A Investment Bank
North and South Americas M&A Investment Bank Accounting & Due Diligence Advisor
North and South Americas M&A Law Firm M&A Technology Solutions Provider
Public Relations Firm
Corporate M&A Deal Team Boutique M&A Investment Banker
Private Equity Deal Team M&A Lawyer
M&A Investment Banker

We encourage industry executives to nominate on behalf of their organizations, colleagues, or clients. By entering nomination, you gain the advantage of being considered first, early status notification, and receive winner trophy honors if the deal wins.

Nominees are able to enter as many nominations in various categories of awards.

Global M&A Network research and due diligence generates a short list of top finalist nominees to insure that best transactions are considered. Nominees are invited to acknowledge their nomination and provide additional information; and/or to informed on the awards winning status.

For the “DEAL” and “FIRM” categories, members of the deal team or representative from the firm are able to accept the honors on behalf of the winner. For the “DEALMAKER” award categories, the dealmaker must attend in person to accept their accolade.

DEAL WINNER POLICY, Trophy Presentation Policy.
Note: It is the deal that wins. Naturally each deal has multiple advisors and following is the order of trophy presentation:

  1. Corporate or private equity firm along with nominations received by primary advisors are recognized first; followed by
  2. Nomination received or as invited per primary legal or financial advisor representing the acquirer; followed by
  3. Nomination received or as invited per primary legal or financial advisor representing the seller; followed by
  4. Secondary deal team advisors.

If there are multiple nominations received for a specific winning deal; then all nominees receive trophy provided they have confirmed attendance. Firms cannot accept trophy on behalf of another firm or other nominees.

DEAL FINALISTS Selection Process:
Qualified based on eligibility standards and verifiable information. Only deals with the best chances of winning are considered. We reserve the right to re-classify deals and awards categories.

FIRM Selection Process:
Firms are logically qualified per their advisory role in closing top transactions; along with their track record, expertise and market position. League table rankings are irrelevant in selecting winners.

WINNERS CIRCLE Selection Process:
Each deal is evaluated for each individual awards category objectively per point earning methodology. Some of the evaluative metrics include deal rationale/synergies; novelty/style/structure; financial value/financing; jurisdiction/regulation; markets/sectors/competition; leadership team/brand/experience; post acquisition impact to stakeholders, community, etc.

Winning the M&A ATLAS AWARDS, sends the message of achieving the highest performance and excellence standards, worldwide as well as, regionally for middle market awards programs and locally per country awards.

CREDIBILITY: Only closed deals in the stated timeframe are eligible to win.

EXCLUSIVITY: A deal can only win awards at any one of the nine M&A Atlas Awards world-wide, region and industry-specific programs. Global M&A Network policies prohibits from churning the same deal to win multiple awards at different programs. Exclusivity is important precisely because the win is an exceptional recognition!

WINNERS: Announced and honored at the celebratory awards gala dinner. Award recipients and winner-nominees must attend the gala ceremony to accept the unique and coveted winner’s trophy.

PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: We encourage you to promote your hard-earned and prestigious win. To this end, we are able to provide you with the official logo, your trophy acceptance photo’s, as well as tailored made quotes per request.

PRESS RELEASE: Global M&A Network issues the official Winners Circle press release which includes the recipient of the winner trophy (ies). Firms who do not attend the awards gala and have not received the winner trophy cannot claim to have won the M&A Atlas Awards without the consent of Global M&A Network.

TROPHY PURCHASE: Only firm’s that have attended and received their winner trophy are eligible to purchase additional or customized trophies with firm or individual names for their deal team members, clients, etc.

CUSTOMIZED WINNER TOMBSTONE: Only firm’s that have attended and received their winner trophy are eligible to purchase customized winner tombstone, which includes award category wins, firm and award logo’s, as well as short write-up. Tombstone materials are available in electronic files as well as paper print copies.

Contact us for any of the above requests, and we will be delighted to work with you to maximize your brand promotional value!