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Women Business Growth Awards Categories

Presented to one C-level executive – CEO, Chairman, Founder, President from public or private corporation, private equity or investing business communities, exclusive by industry sector, from any part of the world. Awardee must be with the organization for 2+ years, with over 20+ years of experience. CEO, Chairman, Founder of a public or private corporation who has been with the company for 3+ years, and 15+ years in the industry.

Global Business Industry Sectors:

● Consumer ● Energy ● Financial ● Healthcare
● Industrials ● Real Estate ● Resources ● TMT

Women Investors Awards Categories

Global Institutional Investor Leader Award: Senior-level executive of a public, corporate, foundation or endowment alternative investor entity. Awardee at the entity for 2+ years, and 20+ years in the industry.
Global and/or Emerging Markets Private Equity Growth Leader Award: Senior partner / founder of a private equity firm. Awardee at the firm for 5+ years, and 20+ years in the industry.
Venture Capital Leader Award: Senior partner / founder of a VC firm. Awardee must be with the firm for 5+ years, and 20 years in the industry.

Diversity Leadership Awards: Presented to a senior-level executive for their role in advancing diversity and inclusion activities at their organization and industry at large. Awardee at the organization for 3+ years, and in the industry for 20+ years.

Entrepreneur Awards: Global and Emerging Markets Entrepreneur Award: Presented to a Founder of a company, and the organization must be in continuous operational for over 10 years.

Independent Governance & Selection Process

Prestige stems from the integrity of the selection process. Awardees are evaluated based on her professional record of achievements, personal attributes and influence in shaping strategy and activities of their respective organizations, role in fostering diversity initiatives; as well as the industry position of their organizations such as value, team, growth, etc. Additional criteria apply for unique categories. Significantly, the process does not involve industry partners or vendors in the selection process to insure a 100% conflict-free, independent process.

Global M&A Network reserves the right to evaluate, revise or eliminate award categories.