Top 50 Global M&A Dealmakers

“Distinction in Dealmaking”

Exclusively published by Global M&A Network, the 8th annual list once again features highly respected, successful, and inventive investment bankers and lawyers from the world-wide deal making communities. Each of them has completed value-creating or the “M&A Atlas Awards” winning transactions, illustrating “Distinction in Dealmaking” eminent qualities.

The highly competitive process begins with evaluating firms and consequential deals closed during the 2022 timeframe. The selection then narrows to a single professional from the firm based on their breadth of experience, cross-border expertise, teamwork, and transactions closed among additional attributes. Only one professional is selected per firm each year.

Join us in congratulation the best dealmakers and firm’s they represent!

Anu Aiyengar
Location: New York, United States

Bruno Amaral
Location: São Paulo, Brazil

Bagrin Angelov
Location: Beijing, PRC

Cole Bader
Location: New York, United States

Dietrich Becker
Location: London, United Kingdom

Gregory Bedrosian
Location: New York, United States

Christina Bresani
Location: New York, United States

David Brown
Location: Hong Kong, SAR

Kevin Brunner
Location: New York, United States

Laurent Camilli
Location: Paris, France


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