The Best: USA Boutique M&A Investment Banks

Specialists and Lower Middle Market Firms

The What: Introducing an exciting new editorial feature published by Global M&A Network! The goal is to promote and inform about the best performing boutique, specialty and investment banking firms advising in the lower middle markets’ transactional communities.

The Who: Firms headquarter in these United States; boutique, or specialized by industry sectors, or by deal type such as buy or sell side, distressed or cross border and/or primarily advising in the lower middle market segments. There are countless firms and only the best firms with the brightest teams are considered based on differentiated attributes.

The How: Selection limited to firms – (1) per eligibility standards – “The Who”; (2) Closed notable transactions in the 2022 calendar year; (3) historical record; (4) expertise, (5) leadership, experience, etc.. Quality of submission will inform our decision.

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The When: Firm names is released at the USA Growth & Deals, Middle Markets 5th Annual Forum held on April 27, 2023, Washington DC. Profile is published online after the official announcement.

Your Questions, Answered

Are there submission fees?
NO, there are no fees for submitting. Note, the choice to upgrade and add promotional features to the basic firm profile for a nominal fee is entirely your choice.

What if I do not make the submission?
Global M&A Network will conduct its own analysis based on its extensive database and firm performance matrix. We will inform and give the firms the opportunity to make formal submission. The final listing may include the firm based on publicly available information.

Do I need to attend USA Growth & Deals, 5th Annual Forum?
We welcome your participation at the forum. However participation is not a required. Selection is based on merits of the firm!

Is this the same as the “M&A Atlas Awards”?
No. This is an editorial product. It is not related to winning the prestigious “M&A Atlas Awards”.

What about licensing or reprint rights?
Yes, you need to obtain licensing rights.

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