Shanti Mulpuru Katona

Shanti works with debtors, creditors, purchasers and sellers in all capacities and stages within complex bankruptcy and restructuring transactions. She also has experience representing financial institutions and other creditors in the enforcement and workout of commercial and real estate loans. Her litigation experience includes investigating and litigating insider causes of action, fraudulent transfers and preferences before bankruptcy courts nationwide, to litigating complex cases in Delaware’s state and federal courts. Shanti is an appointed board member of the American Bankruptcy Institute, where she also serves as the Mid-Atlantic Bankruptcy Workshop Program Co-Chair.

What factor has most led to your success in the restructuring industry… My curiosity. The nature of restructuring requires me to be reactive and agile since the issues are constantly changing. By remaining curious, I am continuously learning new strategies and approaches to address ever-changing client concerns.

What do you most enjoy about your career… Getting to work with talented and collaborative colleagues, whose support from the beginning, enabled me to observe and absorb complex yet practical strategies and solutions to guide clients.