Emilio Amendola

Emilio has a stellar reputation in both the landlord and investor communities and is known for his ability to creatively solve highly complex problems. His expertise includes real estate sales, lease renegotiations and terminations, portfolio optimization, due diligence and valuation. As the leader of A&G’s real estate sales team, he shuns cookie-cutter approaches and instead tailors the sales process to the unique attributes of each asset. With decades of experience, Emilio has worked with more than 750 clients and has generated successful outcomes for individual asset and portfolio sales, as well as lease mitigation projects, valued at more than $10 billion.

Emilio Amendola and Andy Graiser co-founded A&G Real Estate Partners in 2012. Previously, in 1992, they founded and then later sold DJM Realty. In total, they’ve been business partners for 30 years.