Todd R. Snyder

Todd was Chief Executive Officer of TRS Advisors acquired by Piper Sandler. Prior to founding TRS Advisors, he served as Executive Vice Chairman and Co-Chair of the North American Debt Advisory and Restructuring Group of Rothschild & Co. Todd has been an advisor to companies in complex restructurings and reorganizations for 34 years. Among recent assignments advised by Todd include GTT Communications, Servitux, and Honeywell in relation to its indemnity claims against Garrett Motion. He also advised in the restructuring of Puerto Rico and City of Hartford, CT. Mr. Snyder received a B.A. from Wesleyan University and a J.D. from the University of Pennsylvania Law School. Todd was awarded the “Global Restructuring Investment Banker” accolade at the Turnaround Atlas Awards for his role advising the US Treasury in the rescue of the American auto industry.

What Todd values about his career… If we are to have a continuing form of free market enterprise and the type of civil society that can support it, we must have, or at least pursue, a broad consensus around what happens when risk capital fails to achieve its goals. Reorg and restructuring is the daily pursuit of that goal.