Gretchen Tibbits, DC Advisory
Gretchen Tibbits
Managing Director, Head of Media and Telecom
DC Advisory
What led you to a career in the deal making industry?
Throughout my years as an operator, I was involved with business growth, acquisitions, and the sale of companies. The opportunity to bring that expertise to a broader range of companies led to my career in deal-making. My strategic approach and perspective as a former operator is a unique asset.
Diversity adds value in the deal-making process...
Diversity of perspective adds value throughout the deal-making process. I have directly experienced the value of my unique approach in the identification of targets (on both the buy and sell-side) and at the negotiating table.
Most memorable deal...
I have known the CEOs of TMB and Jukin since my time as an operator. Merging these brands and the strengths of each company will be a truly transformative.
Advice for achieving success...
Focus on building relationships and serving the client (as opposed to being transactionally focused) has been a point of differentiation and contributed to my success to date. I am confident this approach will be the foundation for continued success.


Gretchen has more than 25 years’ experience in the media industry and two years’ as an investment banker. Prior to her move into investment banking, Gretchen was the President and COO of LittleThings and held leadership roles at a diverse group of companies including StyleCaster, Hearst, ESPN, WorkingWomanNetwork, and Inc. She has been named in the Folio 100 and is a Digital Hall of Fame honoree.

Education: M.B.A from NYU Stern School of Business and B.A. from the University of Virginia.

Location: DC Advisory, New York, New York.


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