Kendall Stafford, Benchmark International
Kendall Stafford
Managing Partner
Benchmark International
What led you to a career in the deal making industry?
I have spent a lot of time around founder-owned businesses — including my family’s — which gives me a personal understanding of the perspectives and aspirations of business owners. Working with founders to help execute their future growth strategies and exit plans is an inspiration to me. In addition, I love the challenge of pulling a deal together. Each deal is unique and has its own challenges.
Best practices for fostering an inclusive workplace...
I believe that open communication is a cornerstone to making sure everyone in the workplace feels included. It is important for people to feel heard, comfortable sharing their ideas, and that they have a voice that matters. Everyone is different, and that is something that should be embraced and celebrated. Bringing something unique to the table and allowing those strengths to shine brings out the best in people.
Advancing women to leadership positions...
Advancing women to leadership positions starts with changing the perspective of the decision markers around the table. While I believe that the best person for the role should be hired for the job, many women are overlooked for leadership positions because they do not have the same career progression as their male counterparties.
Most memorable deal...
My work with Computer – RX. The client had a great business and we did a pocket deal by selling them to a previous client. We shared in their success as Computer RX walked away with “dream money”.
Advice for achieving success in the industry...
to be true to yourself, maintain conviction in your values, and be willing to be the hardest-working person in the room. The industry is male-dominated and for a woman to be successful, she often must unfortunately out-work her male counterparts. I would also advise other women to be willing to take chances and be loyal to those that advocate for you. Without taking risks and without Benchmark’s faith in my ability to perform, I generally believe I would not be where I am today.


Kendall has led some of the largest and most complicated deals within the industry. She is accountable for our client experiences, brand recognition, team development, and deal production. She is also a member of our Major Transaction Team and works closely with our teams that focus on transactions with $100M+ in transaction value. Kendall views each client’s listing as an opportunity for her and her team to prove themselves by working diligently towards a successful outcome. Her day-to-day responsibilities at Benchmark International also include the careful oversight of our Southwest territory.

Education: M.B.A in Business Administration from Saint Leo University and B.S. from East Carolina University.

Location: Benchmark International, Austin, Texas.


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