World’s most prestigious, the independently governed awards honors best value-creating transactions, outstanding firms, professionals and leaders from the restructuring, insolvency, and distressed investing communities.

PRESTIGE: Equates to achieving the “Gold Standard of Performance” standing in the industry, validating the firm and team leadership since the winners are selected based on “transactions performance criteria” and expertise.

AWARDS GALA: Winners are officially announced and recognized at the networking gala dinner held in conjunction with the Restructuring & Distressed Investing Forum on July 19, 2022. Similar to years prior, the winners must participate at the staged trophy presentation ceremony.

NOMINATE & GAIN Advantage: NO nomination fees and you can nominate in any number of categories as applicable on behalf of your organization, colleagues, and clients to gain advantage of being considered first – giving you the advantage of early winner status notification.

ELIGIBILITY: Transaction must to closed in the timeframe: January 1, 2021 – January 31, 2022.
Forms must be fully completed to be eligible and for expeditated consideration.

OBJECTIVE Process: Winners are selected independently from eligible short-list of competitors on performance evaluation metrics such as: financial variables including debt restructure, creditors and complexity; organizational – operations, management restructure; sector/markets; jurisdiction; resiliency; stakeholder/community impact; brand value; leadership among transaction and category relevant criteria.

Firm winners chosen from short-list irrelevant of league table rankings, Standards applied include the firm’s past and current advisory record, expertise, team and leadership, improvements, among pertinent criteria.

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