TURNAROUND  ATLAS  AWARDS  10th Annual Gala Dinner

June 26, 2018. │ New York, NY, USA.


We look forward to your participation at the forum and celebrating your achievements at the prestigious annual awards gala.

VIP rates gives delegate guest full access to the intelligence forum, breakfast, lunch, networking cocktail gala and awards dinner ceremony inclusive of taxes and transaction costs. The rate does not include your personal travel, hotel, and related expenses in conjunction for attending the event.

Winners Alert: Winners of the world’s most prestigious awards are officially honored at the gala, and must attend to accept their prized winner trophy during the ceremony. Each award-winning firm must be individually registered for the gala to accept their respective trophy. Firm’s cannot accept trophies on behalf of another firm. Preference for seating at the awards gala is given to firms with VIP Corporate Tables. Lastly, the winner has read and agrees to trophy presentation policies per firm, transactional, leaders and professional categories.

Space is limited and secured on first come basis. Kindly contact Raj Kashyap (USA): +914.886.3085 if you have any questions.

i-SELECT FEES: Payable to Global M&A Network.
Early VIP Individual Rate (Single Guest) $ 1,350 (Expires May 14, 2018)
Standard VIP Individual Rate (Single Guest) $ 1,700
Early VIP Colleagues Rate (2 – 4 Guests from the Same Firm.) $ 1,950 ($975 per person.) (Expires May 14, 2018)
Standard VIP Colleagues Rate (2 – 4 Guests from Same Firm.) $ 2,400 ($1200 per person.)
VIP Business Rate (5 – 9 Guests from Same Firm.) $ 4,750 ($950 per person.)
VIP Corporate Table (10 Guests from the Same Firm.) $ 8,200 ($820 per person.)
Student Rate, Restructuring + Distressed Forum Only. $ 100 (Students must have a valid ID.)
i-REGISTER FAX, Download Form Here i-REGISTER ONLINE, Easy + Secure.