World’s most prestigious, the M&A Atlas Awards Global Major Markets honors best transformative and value-creating deals, outstanding firms, top performing global dealmakers, and illustrious global growth leaders singularly for transactions valued above a billion USD from the international corporate, institutional investors, private equity and deal advisory communities.

PRESTIGE: Winning the M&A ATLAS AWARDS equates to achieving the “Gold Standard of Performance” seal of endorsement, validating excellence, and preeminent status in the local, regional, and global markets since the winners are selected independently on “deal performance metrics”, team expertise and leadership.

OBJECTIVE STANDARDS: Prestige emanates from the integrity and methodology of the winner selection process. Since inception, winners are judged by point-scoring system based on the deal performance indexed criteria. Appreciably the method is independent of any involvement by industry associations, vendors, or professionals to insure a 100% conflict-free and un-biased results.

Deal Winners: Selected from eligible list of competitors per deal performance criteria such as novelty/rationale; style/structure/leverage; sector/markets complexities; regulation/jurisdictions; synergies/impact; experience/resourcefulness; leadership; etc. among additional deal awards category characteristics.

Firm Winners: Judged from competitive short-list of finalists and immaterial of league table rankings. Firm performance metrics include track record of accomplishments – execution capabilities, expertise, leadership, client service and annual performance improvement, etc.

9th ANNUAL GALA CELEBRATION: Winners are officially honored at the privately hosted celebratory gala and dinner. Leaders, firms and respective deal-team advisors must attend the gala ceremony to accept their treasured winner trophy in company of their colleagues, clients, and peers.

Kindly contact us if you have questions and we look forward to celebrating your successes.
HOST + YOUR CONTACT: Global M&A Network Team.

Deal size must be above a billion USD, any sector, anywhere from the international markets.

Deals must be closed in the timeframe – January 31, 2016 through January 31, 2017.

Growth Leadership Achievement Award is the highest honor bestowed to an accomplished and effective c-level executive in appreciation of their management skills, bold vision and contributions made to advance and grow their respective organizations, industries and markets. Moreover, the award also validates the organizations’ preeminent status in the local, regional, and international market place. Please note, the award recipient must personally attend the gala ceremony to accept their uniquely crafted trophy.

Global Corporate Growth Leadership Achievement Award ®
Global Private Equity Growth Leadership Achievement Award ®
Emerging Markets Growth Leadership Achievement Award ®
M&A Leadership Achievement Award.
M&A Lifetime Leadership Achievement Award.

Prestigious accolade is presented to a deal-team leader on behalf of the firm for closing an outstanding, value-generating transaction. The nominee must attend the gala ceremony to accept the winner trophy.
Global Corporate M&A Team of the Year Global Private Equity Deal Team of the Year
Global M&A Investment Banker of the Year Global M&A Lawyer of the Year
Deal of the Year Private Equity Deal of the Year
Cross-Border Deal of the Year Corporate Deal of the Year
Emerging Markets Deal of the Year
Basic Resources Deal of the Year Consumer Goods & Services Deal of the Year
Energy & Services Deal of the Year Financial Services Deal of the Year
Healthcare Deal of the Year Industrials & Manufacturing Deal of the Year
Real Estate & Hospitality Deal of the Year Technology, Telecom & Media Deal of the Year
Infrastructure Deal of the Year Utilities Deal of the Year
Global Institutional Investor of the Year (i.e. LP) Global Private Equity Firm of the Year
Global Infrastructure Investor of the Year Global M&A Investment Bank of the Year
Global M&A Law Firm of the Year Global Boutique M&A Investment Bank of the Year
Global M&A Tax Advisor of the Year Global Transactions & Due Diligence Firm of the Year
Global M&A Public Relations Firm of the Year  
Emerging Markets Private Equity Firm of the Year Emerging Markets M&A Investment Bank of the Year
Emerging Markets M&A Law Firm of the Year  
North America Deal of the Year Latin America Deal of the Year
North America Private Equity Deal of the Year  
Canada Deal of the Year Mexico Deal of the Year
U.S.A Deal of the Year  
Americas M&A Investment Bank of the Year Americas M&A Law Firm of the Year
Latin America M&A Investment Bank of the Year Latin America M&A Law Firm of the Year

NOTE: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific major market deal and firm awards are part of the respective regional M&A Atlas Awards.

We encourage industry professionals to enter nominations behalf of their organizations, colleagues, or clients. There are no fees to nominate. Nominees gain the advantage since we will promptly review the nominations and notify them of the winning status. Moreover, nominees who are winners are presented with the coveted trophy at the gala ceremony for their specific nominations.

Global M&A Network research generates a short list of top finalist nominees to insure that best transactions are included in the competition. Nominees are invited to acknowledge their nomination, or provide additional information; and/or to attend the gala ceremony per winner status.

LEADERSHIP and DEAL TEAM AWARD WINNERS, Trophy Presentation Policy:
The individual award recipient must attend the gala ceremony to accept the trophy on behalf of the company and deal team.

DEAL AWARD WINNERS, Trophy Presentation Policy.
Note: It is the deal that wins. Naturally each deal has multiple advisors and following is the order of trophy presentation:

  1. Nominees gain advantage. If you nominated for the winning deal, then you will receive the trophy at the gala ceremony. If there are multiple nominees for a winning deal; then all nominees receive trophy at the gala ceremony. Firms cannot accept trophy on behalf of another firm or other nominees; followed by
  2. Corporate or private equity firm as an acquirer. Per policy, we always notify the acquiring organization; followed by
  3. Primary financial or legal advisor representing the acquirer; followed by
  4. Primary financial or legal advisor representing the seller; followed by
  5. Secondary, acquirer or seller’s, deal team advisors.

FIRM AWARD WINNERS, Trophy Presentation Policy:
Firm representatives are able to accept the trophy on behalf of their organization and team.

The coveted trophies are made of crystal, weighs nearly three pounds, is individually engraved and yes they are breakable. Signature blue boxes are available for safe transport. We do not ship trophies.

Winners who have accepted trophy at the gala are eligible to buy additional trophies for their colleagues, clients, etc.

DEAL FINALISTS Selection Process:
Contenders are qualified based on eligibility standards and verifiable information. Additionally, deals with the best value generating qualities are selected for the competition. We reserve the right to re-classify awards categories.

FIRM Selection Process:
Firms are logically selected per their advisory role and involvement in closing top middle market transactions; along with their track record, deal team expertise and market position. League table rankings are not weighted in evaluating winners.

WINNERS CIRCLE Selection Process:
Selection is outcome of rating each deal per individual award category on a point earning methodology. Deal performance metrics include novelty and rationale, style and synergy; financial value and structure; sector complexities and impact; regulatory and jurisdiction; stakeholder and community impact; leadership; brand strength; resourcefulness; etc.

Winning the M&A ATLAS AWARDS, sends the message of achieving the highest performance and excellence standards, worldwide as well as, regionally for middle market awards programs and locally per country awards.

Originates from the principles of integrity and objectivity of the methodology, transparent policies and awards process.
Since its founding, the M&A Atlas Award winners are selected via point earning merit system based on deal qualities. There are no “association”, “voting” or “editorially” driven process, nor any involvement from industry vendors, all of which can influence, bias, or skew the judging process and compromise the integrity of the awards.

A deal can only win at any one of the M&A Atlas Awards Galas held world-wide. For example, a deal cannot win at the Europe M&A Atlas Awards and win again at the Americas M&A Atlas Awards. Exclusivity is extremely relevant because the win is the ultimate seal of validation and excellence!

Winners are selected free from any conflicts on closed transactions. Also, we do not accept sponsorships from nominees or winners for the awards gala to avoid any perception related to “pay for play”. Per industry norms, nominees and winners are subject to registration fees for attending the gala and dinner celebrations.

PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: We encourage you to promote your hard-earned and prestigious win. To this end, we are able to provide you with the official logo, your trophy acceptance photo’s, as well as tailored made quotes per request.

PRESS RELEASE: Global M&A Network issues the official Winners Circle press release which includes the recipient of the winner trophy (ies). Firms who do not attend the awards gala and have not received the winner trophy cannot claim to have won the M&A Atlas Awards without the consent of Global M&A Network.

TROPHY PURCHASE: Only firm’s that have attended and received their winner trophy are eligible to purchase additional or customized trophies with firm or individual names for their deal team members, clients, etc.

CUSTOMIZED WINNER TOMBSTONE: Only firm’s that have attended and received their winner trophy are eligible to purchase customized winner tombstone, which includes award category wins, firm and award logo’s, as well as short write-up. Tombstone materials are available in electronic files as well as paper print copies.

Contact us for any of the above requests, and we will be delighted to work with you to maximize your brand promotional value!