Significant gathering of prominent executives and dealmakers from the corporate, institutional investor, private equity, venture capital, merger and acquisition communities to explore growth-delivering solutions and translate smart business-building ideas into real results in today’s ever competitive domestic and world economies. Exchange ideas and gain intelligence on how to navigate change, execute successful transactions and take your organization to the next level of growth and profitability.

PARTICIPATION: Timely meeting is priceless to decision makers and professionals wanting to gain knowledge, build relationships, and get ahead in a competitive and evolving markets. Necessary for corporate development officers, institutional investors, private equity, entrepreneurs, financial, legal and deal professionals. Participation and attendance is by qualification and subject to approval by Global M&A Network.

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THE M&A ATLAS AWARDS | 10th Annual Global Markets Gala
World’s most prestigious M&A Awards, exclusively honors legendary leaders, illustrious dealmakers, outstanding firms, and best value-creating deals from all corners of the globe. Winners are officially honored at the privately hosted celebratory gala and ceremony.

PRESTIGE: Winning the independently governed M&A Atlas Awards equates to achieving the “Gold Standard of Performance” seal of endorsement, validating excellence, and preeminent status in the local, regional, and global markets since the winners are selected independently on “deal performance metrics”, team expertise and leadership.

i-NOMINATE Download Entry Form. Deadline to enter your nomination is January 27, 2018.

Enquiries, Kindly Contact: Raj Kashyap (USA) at: +914.886.3085