GLOBAL GROWTH AGENDA, Mid-Year Review is the timely meeting place to take stock of business-building activities, ask tough questions and exchange ideas in an increasingly ambiguous yet connected world economy. Significantly, the meeting of senior executives is designed to assess and calibrate growth-driving solutions on how to face uncertainty, leverage opportunity, and execute transactions to deliver positively meaningful results.

PARTICIPATION: The timely business intelligence forum is priceless to professionals and decision makers wanting to gain knowledge, build relationships, and get ahead in a competitive and evolving markets. Necessary for corporate development officers, institutional investors, private equity, entrepreneurs, financial, legal and deal professionals. Participation and attendance is by qualification.

INVITE + INFO, Kindly Contact: Raj Kashyap, (USA) +914.886.3085

THE M&A ATLAS AWARDS | 9th Annual Global Major Markets Gala

World’s most prestigious industry program, the M&A Atlas Awards, Global Major Markets exclusively honors the best transformative and value-creating deals, outstanding firms, top dealmakers, and growth leaders for successfully closing transactions valued above a billion USD. Winners are officially honored at the privately hosted celebratory gala and the prized winner trophy presentation ceremony.

PRESTIGE: Winning the M&A ATLAS AWARDS equates to achieving the “Gold Standard of Performance” seal of endorsement, validating excellence, and preeminent status in the local, regional, and global markets since the winners are selected independently on “deal performance metrics”, team expertise and leadership.

NOMINATE + GAIN ADVANTAGE. Deadline to submit your nomination is March 3rd, 2017.