AGENDA Overview

The exit of Britain from the European Union sent shock-waves to the worldwide business and financial communities and, while the sky did not fall and the UK economy has proven to be resilient, what’s next during the transition period and as exit negotiations get underway?

EMEA Growth Agenda Intelligence Forum is perfectly timed to examine the risks and expansion opportunities confronting business, investors, and transactional communities. Further, the forum will also highlight recent developments in the Middle East and Africa regions; particularly the impact of energy and commodity sector drags on their economies and growth prospects.

Headline Discussion Topics include:

  • EU – Brexit Economy: Agenda to Expand
  • Middle East: Post-Oil Crisis, Newer Prospects
  • Africa: Next Level, Develop and Invest
  • EMEA: Private Equity Growth Intelligence Roundtable
  • M&A Leadership: Effective Strategy and Minimize Risk

We invite you to confirm your participation to explore actionable solutions, share expertise and provide clarity to some of the most pressing issues impacting the business and investor communities in respective markets.

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